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First generation British Born Chinese teenager Adam (Zhu) Zhang is desperate to leave school and pursue his passion for cheffing but his warehouseman father, burdened with memories of rural poverty, wants him to stay on and study for university. With his GCSE exams just two months away and the bullying at home and school getting worse, Adam despairs. Only the friendship of wannabe Goth Kurt Fogg stops him dropping out altogether.

As the final exam nears, Zhang senior announces that he has arranged a summer job for Adam at a friend’s accountancy practice. Adam is appalled, even more so after his doting mother, who frets that he is becoming alienated from his roots and the local Chinese diaspora, voices her support for the proposal. Despite his initial reluctance, however, Adam soon finds that he enjoys the world of profit and loss and cash flow and, as the weeks pass, potential ventures start to take shape in his mind. Mr Shen, his boss, is impressed and when Adam’s dire GCSE results lead to him fleeing his parent’s flat and moving into Kurt’s place he offers to keep him on.




Anthony Etherington is an author based in UK. After attending an inspiring ‘Writing for Film’ course, he has switched from writing novels and short stories to writing for film and TV. Since then he has completed four feature-length dramas and a two-minute short about love, set on the Moon.

His projects have been acclaimed at various international film festivals, and in particular Yellow Dragon and the Red Fox has won the ‘Best Feature Script’ prize at the 2014 ÉCU Film Festival. His latest project is a TV four-parter set in Egypt, Israel and Europe and exploring the idea that, in a world riddled with conflict, people have far more in common than separates them.



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