THE CITY OF GHOST / Victor Dragomir

Photo of the director [Victor Dragomir]

October 1996. For septuagenarian watchmaker Jakob Selimovic, life follows its monotonous, seemingly tranquil pace, until a wristwatch bearing an all-too-familiar inscription finds its way into his shop, prompting the old man to set out on a quest for answers that takes him deep within the grieving heart of a city torn by conflict, where history awaits to reveal its painful truth.



Born November 12, 1984, in the small town of Campina, which he still feels strangely connected to. Graduated from Psychology, but couldn’t quite see himself spending his entire life in a leather armchair, scribbling into a notepad, so he took up Film Directing at The ‘I.L Caragiale’ National Theater and Film School in Bucharest (UNATC), graduating with a In 2007, he published a book he was pretty content with at the time. Likes: written or filmed stories; driving his car down empty streets at dusk; working on film projects with his beloved motley crew; peanut M&M’s.
‘Close Encounters of the Third Reich’ (2009)
‘The Photograph’ (2010)
‘Strung Love’ (2010)
‘Thirty’ (2013)