The European Independent Film Channel

SHORT TALK – Interview with Phil Lowe | director of THE DRIVING SEAT

A lovely short film about a couple trying to keep their relationship alive. Sometimes you just need to add some more spark, or maybe not?

Is your film “The driving seat your first one ?


What pushed you to make it ?

I wanted to create a showcase for my scriptwriting

How did you become a director ?

After I wrote the script of my film, I decided I couldn’t trust anyone else to film it how i wanted.  

What do you think about independent cinema ? Do you think it’s an easy field ?

I love independent cinema. Certainly in the UK is not easy. Public funds have an ever longer list of criteria and the industry as a whole is not geared towards small scale indie films. 

Are you planning to make any other film ?

I want to make a feature based on The Driving Seat.

Say something about EuroIFC :

It’s fantastic that you give a platform to independent filmmakers!

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