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LEO KINSKI – LA CARESSE / Matthias Neumayer


Most of us are familiar with the heart-wrenching ups and downs of a relationship. But have these extremes ever been told by genres as diverse as the poem and the french chanson? And wouldn’t these art forms be perfectly complemented by the elegant nobility of the ‘film noir’? Like hatred and love, black and white suggest utmost opposition. Nevertheless, they turn out to show just different sides of the same coin.
The short and simple plot depicts these extremes and takes the audience on a journey of love, longing and desperation. Through One Shot Technique, the different layers and nuances of time fade away. Leaps of time can thus be integrated while maintaining a seemingly chronological development. Film Noir is thereby interpreted in a modern way, while at the same time homage is paid to the classic Noir Masterpieces.
Elements of surrealism, such as the creation of a minimalist set design (a black room of nothingness) and the use of pars-pro-toto symbols, support the two-sided approach. The fade-into-white ending leaves the story’s outcome to the audience’s interpretation.


Get more info about the director of LA CARESSE – Matthias Neumayer here

Do you like Leo Kinski music? Find out more here

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