b27m² (Feature Film)

A Cigar at the Beach (Short Film)

A Clock’s Dream (Expirimental Film)

A Long Time Ago (Music Video)

A Mile in Our Shoes (Student Film)

A Mind’s I (Short Film)

A Tempo: The 3rd Act  (Short Film)

A Walk in the Woods (Expirimental Film)

Addictions (Music Video)

Ahaarrrr!  (Short Film)

Alfa Omega (Short Film)

All The Cities (Music Video)

Amanda Loves Corey  (Short Film)

Andersartig (Different) (Animation)

Anonymous (Short Film)

Apocryphal (Short Film)

At Sea There is no Haven (Expirimental)

Barking Mad (Short Film)

Battlecock! (Short Film)

Beatles Stories (Documentary)

Berlinoises (Short Film)

Beta Test (Experimental)

Bilocale (Short Film)

Bitter! (Student Film)

Boeing (Music Video)

Botev Is An Idiot (Short Film)

Brainside – A stroke of Fate (Animation)

Broken Clouds (Short Film)

Cake Story (Student Film)

Callum (Student Film)

Candy Darling (Experimental Film)

Cassie (Student film)

Circularity Thinking (Experimental Film)

Circle Drums in the Backyard (2012) (Experimental Film)

Clippings (Short film)

Con Dos Años de Garantia (Two-Year Guarantee) (Short Film)

Continuum (Student Film)

Corrupted Scene Behind the Stage (Music Video)

Cold Ground (Short Film)

Der Philatelist (The Philatelist) (Student Film)

Detained (Student Film)

Dog Men (Feature Film)

Doni Doni (Documentary)

Dreaming Mali (Documentary)

Drug Me (Animation)

Dusk (Short Film)

Eight-Minute Deadline (Animation)

Emmalou (Short Film)

Energie! (Experimental Film)

Express (Experimental Film)

Falling (Experimental Film)

Falling Life (Short Film)

Farkas (Wolf) (Feature Film)

Fields of Demeter (Documentary)

Four Roses (Feature Film)

Free (Music Video)

From The Dust (Student Film)

Future Wanted / Ζητείται Μέλλον (Short Film)

Generation (Dramatic Short)

Gentlemen in Squalor (Top Shelf Jazz) (Music Video)

Girl Talk (Student Film)

Hadley TK-421 (Student Film)

Hanged Man’s Elegy (Animation)

Heads n Tailz (Feature Film)

Heads up (Short Film)

Her Mother’s Daughters (Experimental Film)

Hermeneutics (Experimental Film)

Hello Spaceboy (Short Film)

Hip Hop Hassid (Student Film)

History of Solitude (Short Film)

House (Music Video)

How Do You Tell Somebody That You’re HIV+? (Documentary)

In the Countryside (Student Film)

Ink (Student Film)

Inside Out (Short Film)

Invertabrate (Expirimental Film)

Jerks (Kωλόπαιδα) (Feature film)

Jockey Full of Bourbon (Animation Film)

Jour 0 (Day 0) (Experimental Film)

Just So you Know / Dina Sael (Music Video)

Khorosho (Short Film)

Kore (Experimental Film)

La Caresse – Leo Kinski (Music Video)

La Gardeuse d’Oies a la Fontaine (Short Film)

La Gazza (Short Film)

Last Day of December (Short Film)

Laughing out Loud (Short Film)

Legalize (Music Video)

Let There Be Sound (Animation)

LIMINAL (Short Film)

Love Bombing (Short Film)

MACROSTRUCTURE (Experimental Film)

Martin (Short Film)

Mechanism of Love (Student Film)

Melancholic Park (Music Video

Melt (Experimental)

Memento Mori (Animation)

Memories of Old Awake (Documentary)

Memory Lane (Student film)

Metachaos (Experimental Film)

Milieu (Short Film)

Milk Man (Short Film)

Milky Way (Music Video)

Mother’s War (Documentary)

Moving Forest (Documentary)

Moving Gracefully Toward the Exit (Documentary)

Much Better Now (Animation)

My Beautiful Dacia (Documentary)

My Friend the Thief (Student Film)

MYRA (Short Film)

Nation For Two (Experimental Film)

Never Winter (Short Film)

New and For Sale (Music Video)

Niagara (Animation)

No Face (Experimental Film)

Nobody’s Pet (Expirimental Film)

Nomos (Documentary)

Nostos (Short film)

O Brasil (Documentary)

Oh Future (Film)

On Gaza’s Mind (Documentary)

Ora Che Marlene (Now that Marlene) (Expirimental Film)

Otec (The Father) (Short Film)

Over Cards (Short Film)

Patronizing Ideas, Lessons and Afternoon Games: Sunlit Uplands (Experimental Film)

Perhaps (Short Film)

Pianoworks 13 (Experimental Film)

Pineapplehead (Student Film)

Photoshopping (Short Film)

Plurabelle – Lindo (Music Video)

Pocket Thief (Short Film)

Poltergeist (Music Video)

Purgatory (Student Film)

PVT Craine (Short Film)

Queensugar (Student Film)

Radiophobia (Documentary)

Recto Recto Gancho (Student Film)

Rendez-vous aux cieux (Meeting in the Heavens) (Short Film)

Retour au Desert (Return to the Desert) (Documentary)

Romance (Short film)

Rugged Wilderness & Mountain Man No More – Dropping Feathers (Music Video)

Safe (Student Film)

Sale Timing  (Short Film)

Santuario Del Collell (Short Film)

Scared Boy (Short Film)

Sciss Cut (Music Video)

Silent Radio (Short Film)

Single Bed (Short Film)

Skissefjellet (Music Video)

Smaller than the sky (Short Film)

Smoorverlief (Short Film)

Shooting Oliver (Short Film)

Stick Me in My Heart  (Music Video)

Still Got Lives (Short Film)

Streken (Blocked)  (Short Film)

Syscapes # Interlude (Experimental Film)

Syscapes # Prelude (Experimental Film)

The Apple’s Fault (Student Film)

The April Chill (Short Film)

The Ballad of Bloom (Animation Film)

The Bastard Tenant (Student Film)

The Boxer (Student Film)

The Cart (Short Film)

The Chance (Student Film)

The Color of Moonlight  (Documentary)

The Day (Music Video)

The Day Hollywood Died  (Feature Film)

The Farewell (Student film)

The Great Western Singularity (Animation)

The Happy Life (Short Film)

The Help (Short Film)

The Last Page (Student Film)

The Lesson (Student Film)

The Magician (Short Film)

The Miraculous Tale of the Children Dubois  (Short Film)

The Philatelist (Student Film)

The Pit and The Pendulum (Animation)

The Predictable Life Of Sebastian (Student Film)

The Russians on Crow Island  (Documentary)

The Rhythm of My Life  (Documentary)

The Securitate Hunter (Documentary)

The Towel  (Short Film)

The Treehouse (Short Film)

The Trikala Photographer (Short Film)

The Vault (Short Film)

There Go the Lights Again (Music Video)

Things You Should Know About a Woman (Short Film)

This is not Sisyphus (Short Film)

Tooty’s Wedding (Short Film)

Tosh (Animation)

Triangles of Happiness (Short Film)

Triple concerto in D minor (Short Film)

Un Cadeau pour… (Short Film)

Vena Amoris (Student Film) 

We Are Not Slaves (Short Film)

Weiter Laufen (Can’t stop running) (Short Film)

Where are you my love? (Short Film)

With no one in the World (Student Film) Wolf Call (Short Film)

Wunderkammer (Student Film)

Zerowards (Student Film)

Zwischen Licht und Schatten (Fading Away) (Short Film)