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DIG DEEPER / Rick Limentani

If he digs deep enough, he might find himself.


In a forgotten village, in the rural heart of Lincolnshire, GABRIEL is only fifteen but is already drinking, gambling, and above all rebelling. He and his father EDWARD, a gravedigger with traditional values, are arguing about the trouble Gabriel is getting in. ANAIS, a local farm girl with a very protective and disapproving father, has captured Gabriel’s heart. Edward is doing his best to steer his son away from real trouble and forbids Gabriel to see Anais again, but as always his counsel is ignored. Gabriel’s made up his mind and won’t be swayed, complaining about Edward’s interfering, “I can see why mom left’. With a backhand Edward puts an end to the argument – and their relationship.

Eight years later, muscles straining, with skill born from many years of experience, Edward digs his last grave. It’s hard work for the old-timer, but digging is in his blood. He grits his teeth and gets the job done. His best friend and business partner, ARNOLD, skillfully puts the finishing touches on the grave’s headstone. Once the open grave is neatly dug and the headstone squarely set in place the friends admire their work. This will be Edward’s grave.




Indoors 5 small

Rick Limentani is an English writer and director, with experience in both the theatre field and cinema. With his feature script Dig Deeper he has been a finalist at ÉCU Film Festival and London Independent Film Festival, and he has won the ‘Best New Feature Script’ prize at Newport International Film Festival. His short film Gemalogia – a romance he has written and directed – has been acclaimed at numerous international film festivals by both the critics and the audience, beside winning the 1st Prize at London City Film Festival.



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