The European Independent Film Channel

ANOTHER CIGARETTE / Caterina Salvadori


A twenty four years old girl retraces the steps of her life until the current days, when she faces the difficulty to find a job. From the moment of her birth is clear how her existence is only one more of the many others in an overpopulated society where there is no space for her to fit in. Eventually, she discovers how her desire to improve this messed up world can be achieved.




Caterina Salvadori is an Italian filmmaker born in Bologna in 1991. She graduated in Arts, Music and Performance Studies at the University of Bologna with a focus on Film studies. In 2010, she attended a two year Screenwriting and Directing program at Accademia Nazionale del Cinema, in Bologna. In 2012/2013 she completed her Bachelor’s degree at the prestigious Film School of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She integrated her academic education with learning experiences on major film and television sets, including Disney and Warner Bros. Currently, she is attending a Master’s degree in Film, Television, and Multimedia Production at University of Bologna, Italy. She works in films, commercials and music videos both in Italy and Los Angeles.



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