Third Shift – Третья Смена Франция / Olga Bercut

April 2012. Vladivostok. Night. Car rides with two guys. Their goal tonight – to catch the elusive “Churkino maniac.” Police and all the townspeople are convinced that it is ethnic Uzbek, and the number of victims is much higher than officially announced the news. Men unite in mobile groups, shifts patrolling their territory. Comes the third shift.

Comes the third shift. Driving through the streets Pershamajski district, they talk, look out for suspicious passersby. On the dark road they see walking alone Uzbek man. He looks like a maniac all the signs. One of the friends jumps out of the car and dumps Uzbek man blow to the jaw. Guys swear each other, but decide to take on the Uzbek man cemetery. Throw his body in the trunk and leave.

Outskirts of the cemetery. Guilty goes and opens the trunk. Suddenly jumps out from the trunk of the Uzbek man. He kills a guy with a screwdriver. From the car to the Uzbek man throws second guy. The third guy looks at them through the window. From heavy blows Uzbek man dies. The second guy is sitting on his lap. Behind someone puts his hand on his head. Sharp knife cuts the neck. Man falls near the Uzbek man. The third guy puts a knife in his hand dead Uzbek and returned to the car. Sits on the driver’s seat, call the police and tells them that they caught “Churkino maniac.” He looks out into the darkness and smiles slyly.

Director: Olga Bercut
Country of production: Russia
Language: Russian / English subtitles