THE APPLE’S FAULT / Heedye Koren

Young Noa tries to escape from her family’s house grim reality; being abused by her father and being denied by her mother. She has an affair with her neighbor Haim- a failed writer, forty years her senior. Being isolated in a remote Village, she spends most of her time with Haim, and learns well his hateful violent eruptions, but also comes to love his tender, caring side. When she understands that only violence gives him inspiration to write again, it changes her perspective upon his behavior; When Haim manages to write, he replies by loving her. When even hurting Noa doesn’t motivate him anymore, Noa faces a shocking decision. The film is dedicated to Noa Sahan and based on a true story.

Director: Heedye Koren
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew, Subtitles: English