SHORT TALK – Interview with Brett Leigh | director of THE DENODNABA PROLOGUE

This poetic short film was part of ÉCU 2018’s Official Selection. We asked to its director, Brett Leigh a few questions.

Is your film “The Denodnaba Prologue your first one ?

This is my 4th film I’ve written and Directed.  

What pushed you to make it ?

I was originally shooting another short which halted production.  After a few months I was ready to revisit the project, altering it, and allowing it to turn into a different story.  

What was the first film you made about ?

It was a Mockumentary centering around a small office staff attempting to organize their first film festival.  It is, naturally, called FESTIVAL.  

How did you become a director ?

I am an actor.  In my down time I have always created my own projects and I really have fallen in love with story telling.  

What do you think about independent cinema ? Do you think it’s an easy field ?

It is and it is not.  You really have to love the work of building a world and story within limited lines.  

Are you planning to make any other film ?

I just finished my next film entitled FIRST STEP REPEAT.  
“A man wakes up alone on a vessel and must navigate his thoughts in conjunction with his surroundings to discover where he has come from.”

Say something about EuroIFC :

There are an extreme amount of companies and people who tout supporting independent cinema.  EuroIFC is truly one of the most integral pieces to the independent lens.  They not only give one of the biggest platforms, but they are constantly reaching out seeing how they can help.