SHORT TALK – Interview with Andrés Klimek | director of THREE ROOMS

 A mutation generating the force to break the circle which allows both lovers to fly into the endless spiral. Three rooms was part of ÉCU’s 2017 official selection and won the prize as the best edited film.

Is your film “Three Rooms” your first one ?

Three Rooms is my first short film that exhibited at the festival circuits. Before that, I had previously done art videos, advertising and documentaries for several years.

What pushed you to make it ?

The need to explore through poetry, cinematography, music and editing a discursive way of telling a story with philosophical base and the need to tell what i feel.

How did you become a director ?

I believe artists are addicted to feel at different levels. The addictive need to manipulate concepts, stories and a collaborative team brings me closer to the path of artistic creation and cinematographic direction.

What do you think about independent cinema ? Do you think it’s an easy field ?

Every creation that is done independently embraces you and demands passion, patience and perseverance. It is a path that only few dare to travel but I highly recommend it.

Are you planning to make any other film ?
I’m finishing my first feature film entitled “Adán Soy tu Ave”. I wish and I will make art and cinema all my life. I like to immerse myself in endless routes that surprise you while you live in the present.

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