NOMOS / Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola


At homo sacer is est, quem populus indicavit ob maleficium; neque fas est eum immolari, seq qui occidit, parricidi non damnatur.
– Festo, “De Verborum Significatu”, II sec a.D

[“The sacred man is the one whom the people have judged on account of a crime. It is not permitted to sacrifice this man, yet he who kills him will not be condemned for homicide.”]

NOMOS is a documentary and a research project that investigates the “form-camp” and its modern declination. The research project is based on Giorgio Agamben’s “Homo Sacer. Sovereign power and bare life ”, 1995.

The documentary is a journey through places inhabited by the contemporary sacred man: from one of the largest slum in the world (Kibera), to one of the biggest refugee camp in Africa (Kakuma), up to a small gated community in Nairobi.


Director: Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola
Country of production: Italy/Kenya
Language: English, Somali / English subtitles