MYRA / Dan Smyth

Winner of the Best Actress Award 2013

Myra Hindley, one half of The Moors’ Murderers, was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing three children. At the time of the arrest, the children’s bodies were recovered from Saddleworth Moor, Greater Manchester, U.K. Two other children remained missing. In 1987, Hindley finally confessed her involvement in all five murders. She was escorted to the Moors where she helped recover another child’s body. In 1995, almost thirty years since her conviction, Britain’s most reviled woman spoke to the public from prison, publishing her memoirs in the Guardian Newspaper. In this article, which inspired the film, Myra responds to the accusation of being a‘psychopath’- a claim she refutes.

Director: Dan Smyth
Country: UK
Language: English, Subtitle: French

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