Il Falsario d’anime / Gabriele Galligani



The “Soul forger” tells a surreal adventure happening between the crowded streets and talking walls of the “Capital”, Rome. Protagonists are an atypical Forger and his unlucky Client. This two misfits of the society live an absurd adventure, a real escape from everyday reality running frantically and indifferent all around them.

The “Soul Forger” is a mysterious, apathetic and cryptic professional. His methods to solve problems are non-conventional. He lives a solitary existence in which he cultivates two extravagant passions. He composes naifs and tacky poems to declaim ridiculously to unknowns and he analyzes and archives pornographic magazines as if they were precious volumes.

One day, a shy client knocks on his door and asks for his help. He is a depressive and desperate young man and considers the Forger his very last chance to solve his pathology: a chronic incapacity to make decisions. Not just big existential choices, but also smallest everyday decisions block and petrify him embarrassingly and ridiculously.

The Forger’s “contrappasso” therapy happens in the following 24 hours in a labyrinthine journey through the streets of the Capital, from dawn to dawn. The unprepared Client realizes very soon that something is going wrong with the “therapy”. The absurd performances the Forger obliges him to do convince the Client he is nothing but a cheater and impostor.

But when he tries to revolts, the Client realizes to be prisoner of a cryptic plan. The Forger doesn’t hesitate to oblige him into more and more dangerous situations till risking their own life. An unexpected sun rising in the forest allows the Client to escape that 24h nightmare and to finally recognize, behind the apathetic mask of the Forger, the candid and innocuous craziness of a dreamer who tries not to accept the disappearance of magic from the grey world he lives in.


Gabriele Galligani is filmmaker, video editor and script writer working between Italy, France and Germany. Graduated in Cinema Studies at Bologna’s University (Italy), he specialized in French Cinema at Sorbonne University (Paris) and worked in Broadcasting and Cinema production at Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing, Turner Classic Movies, M6 and Aurora Films till 2012. In 2012 he started working as a video editor at Epinoia (Paris), where he edited “Banana Peels Cruise”, documentary awarded at Cinemambiente 2012 (Special Prize), CineEco Seya 2012 (Best film), EcoZine 2012 (Best short) and many others. Several of his scripts have been selected by Italian and International Competitions. “Infinita tristeza” is nominated at Lago Film Festival 2012 (screenplay competition) and European Short Pitch 2013 (screenplay competition). In the framework of ESP 2013 he participates at a writing workshop and at a co-production forum at Luxembourg Film Festival 2013.  Il falsario d’anime” (“The soul Forger”) is one of the three finalists nominated at “Much more than a script” competition, at ÉCU – European Independent Film Festival (Paris, 2014).