FIELDS OF DEMETER / Knut Krzywinski, Graham Townsley

The Greek goddess of fertility, Demeter, lost her only daughter to the underworld for half the year. In this way, the seasons were born. Demeter gave agriculture to mankind, for them to survive winter. For thousands of years, agriculture has shaped Europe. Pristine nature no longer exists. The landscapes are heritage that contribute to culture and identity. “Fields of Demeter” is a voyage through the visible and invisible European landscape. With the power of the eagle, two young girls set out on a journey to experience the history, diversity, myths and people of the land. The challenge for the future is to maintain the fields of Demeter and the people who sensitively work the land. The landscape and its wonders belong to future generations.

Directors: Knut Krzywinski, Graham Townsley
Country: Norway
Language: English

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