EuroIFC 8th May releases

An eclectic mix of films this week to say the least; but they are all equally brilliant in their own way. From girls discussing some seriously weird places they’ve been proposed to have sex, to experiencing some themes of trauma and frustration; we’re pretty sure that there’ll be something in this small bunch that will be just what you were looking for. So, take what you may from the films and enjoy.

Cold Ground

In an eerie and claustrophobic setting, an Iranian family is tormented by the body of the grandfather being locked in the house due to a nuclear winter. With no chance of burying the body, the family is becoming more and more uneasy and frightened. The film concludes with the son’s wife giving birth to an abnormal baby who is born with three arms and only one eye and one ear, which only adds to the already distressed environment. Ali Pour Issa’s intentional illustration of the family members’ lack of ability to communicate with one another emphasizes the traumatic circumstances and adds to the ghostly feel of the film. Click Here to Watch >>

Girl Talk

Demonstrating the animal-instinct, or for a better word- horny behaviour of boys in Girl Talk by Charlotte Dolman, three girls discuss the whereabouts they have been proposed to make love, which bizarrely includes KFC. Hmmm boys will be boys? Click Here to Watch >>



With a horrific total of over 700,000 Russian and Germans being killed during the Berlin war, Berlinoises offers a calming retrospect of the event. While a group of 4 soldiers forage the final apartment in an attempt to steal and scour for food, they encounter two German girls frozen with terror. Despite the stories of brutality retold by one of the soldiers, the use of a radio and delicate lighting preserves a strangely tranquil setting. There is no surprise Berlinoises was ÉCU’s 2012 Winner; Rocco Labbé has created a beautiful scene of peacefulness amid the turmoil of the war. Click Here to Watch >>

My Friend the Thief

Talking of his professional downfalls which subsequently lead to his becoming of one of Britain’s most prolific thieves, Peter Scott cuts a rather lonely and feeble figure- a far cry from the once athletic cat burglar who’s ability allowed him to climb and skilfully access some of the most high-security mansions. Primarily targeting the wealthy and claiming to have stolen £30 million throughout his lifetime, the story of Peter Scott or otherwise known as the “King of the Cat Burglars” is a strangely enticing memoir that will leave you fascinated at his claimed ‘successes’. Click Here to Watch >>


This is the stuff nightmares are made from. In an abstract yet weirdly realistic way Metachaos represents the most harrowing and poignant features of the human life- touching on themes of war, insanity, social destruction and resentment. With a seriously crazy, mind-boggling and weirdly-aesthetically-pleasing series of graphic and visual images, Alessandro Bavari has created a true mastermind short-experimental film. With a deluded mixture of intensified sounds of the hysterical screams, disembodied bones and the banging beats, Metachaos has brought the bizarrely beautiful hell to life. Click Here to Watch >>

Sophie Thomas