EuroIFC releases

Looking for some colour, emotion, wackiness, darkness, or awesomeness? Or just fancy a little bit of good ol’ fashioned motivation in your life. Look no further, ÉCU has it all, yes indeed we do in fact have it all with a great little selection of some wonderfully created, directed and edited short independent indie films. Flabbergasted you may be at some of the sights; shocked you may be at some of the sounds and moved you may be at some of the stories. But disappointed you will most certainly not be. Here I introduce to you ÉCU Film Festival’s selection for this week’s releases.

The Taste of Life

Depicting the bleak side of love, The Taste of Life introduces us to the life of a messenger who delivers fateful packages to a series of people. Concluding to a powerfully moving end, Chadi Abdul-Karim has created a truly poetic and compassionate short film. In a perfectly unified form, he takes us on a captivating journey through exploring themes of conflicting love and happiness, leaving us to ponder on of the meaning of life. Click Here to Watch >>



What first seems to be a classic war film unveils itself to be a beautiful and perfectly synchronized demonstration of hermeneutics. The skilful use of actual WWII footage makes this three-minute experience so much more real and intriguing. Alexei Dmitriev has really captured the dramatization and produced a mesmerizing scene of pure genius. Click Here to Watch >>



Want to know how to beat the bullies? Louise, or otherwise known as Pinneapplehead has discovered the secret to tackling the meanies. As the new girl at school, Louise is learning the hard way what its like being an outsider in this light-hearted and uniquely endearing four-minute drama. Concluding to an uplifting development, Louise manages to tackle the bullies through talking about her problems and gaining help from others. This adorable short film really illustrates the companionship, which can be found during a traumatic experience. Click Here to Watch >>

The Color of Moonlight

Looking for a little bubble of motivation in your life? Ever wanted to know the true strength of the human spirit, or discover the lengths we could go to as individuals? Have you ever had a day where you just wanted to give up and hide under your duvet? Holding back tears, Jyothsma retells her inspiring story revealing the difficulty of overcoming the mental, emotional and physical challenges of her new fate of waking up blind in her hospital bed. However, through her determination and self-belief she has succeeded in becoming a vital part in the ‘accessibility team’ at Google. In just 13 minutes, Jyothsma has demonstrated the true quality of the power of optimism and the strength of the human sprit in The Color of MoonlightClick Here to Watch >>

Heads Up  

Do you completely trust your friends? What would you do if you feel betrayed by your best friend? Heads Up is the story of a card game which reveals the hidden trust issues of two friends, one of which believes that the other is cheating the game. Who would be right? What will happen to their friendship after that one of the two got stabbed in the hand? Click Here to Watch >>


Sophie Thomas