COLD GROUND / Ali Pour Issa

Cold Ground depicts apocalypse concentrating on the last days of a family’s catastrophic life in a prevalent winter (nuclear winter) in Iran in 2012. The family members—the father, the mother, their son, and the bride (the son’s wife)—are not able to leave their home in order to bury the grandfather (the father’s father) who died recently. The bride is pregnant and feels so uneasy regarding the grandfather. Ultimately, the bride buries the grandfather, with the help of the mother, in the living room. At the end, the bride gives birth to an unusual child who doesn’t cry upon her birth. The abnormal child has three hands, and one of their eyes and ears are missing. Basically, the figures are indifferent in their hard circumstances and are not able to communicate with each other. The notions of void and terror are dominant in the film. (The nuclear catastrophe or winter is not specifically mentioned in the short film because of the hard political situation in Iran. However, its implications exist throughout the film like their imprisonment in their claustrophobic place.)

Director: Ali Pour Issa
Country: Iran
Language: Arabic, Subtitles: English